When it comes to the best paint for exterior doors, there are many options for homeowners looking to give their home a new look. One of the most popular choices is painting your door with the best paint for exterior doors. Painting can offer an array of advantages and be achieved in a range of colors, textures, and designs depending on the material you select for your entrance. Whether you have wood, fiberglass, steel or aluminum doors – this guide will help you find the perfect paint option that fits both your style preferences and climate conditions. Learn about all the different types of paints available as well as our top 7 picks for best exterior door paints in 2023.

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Benefits of Painting Exterior Doors

Painting your exterior doors is a great way to add some personality and style to the front of your home. Painting your exterior doors offers not only a chance to select the hue that complements your look, but also many practical advantages.


The durability of the paint on exterior doors depends on various factors, including the quality of the paint, the preparation of the surface, the application technique, and the frequency of maintenance. High-quality paint, such as acrylic latex or oil-based paint, is more durable than low-quality paint. Additionally, the surface must be properly cleaned, sanded, and primed before applying the paint. Proper application techniques, such as applying multiple coats and allowing enough time for each coat to dry, can also enhance the durability of the paint.

Ease of Application:

Painting an exterior door is relatively easy for most DIYers with basic skills in painting techniques. All you need is some painter’s tape, fine-grit sandpaper, primer (if needed), brushes/rollers and paint. You can find all these supplies at any local hardware store, paint store, or even Amazon for reasonable prices.

Customization Options:

With exterior paints comes endless customization options. Whether you want a bright pop of gloss on your white trim or just something subtle like matte finish black – there are plenty of colors and finishes available at any local paint store that will suit whatever look you’re going for. Plus, if you want something truly unique – try mixing two different shades together in one pot. This gives you even more control over how vibrant the final result looks on your front door frame.

Last but certainly not least, painting an exterior door typically costs less than buying new ones altogether. Professional painters may charge extra depending on their experience level, however this cost is much lower compared to replacing entire doors due to damages caused by weathering over time. Furthermore, since most people tend to go with traditional oil-based paints rather than water-based ones, they last longer which means fewer trips back to the store for additional cans of paint down the line – saving both money and time in the long run.

Painting your exterior doors can provide many benefits, such as increased curb appeal and protection from the elements. As you consider painting your exterior door, it is important to understand the different types of paint available for this purpose.

Types of Paint for Exterior Doors

For exterior doors, there are several types of paint to choose from that will suit the material used. Depending on the material used for your door, you’ll want to choose a paint that will adhere well and last through all kinds of weather conditions. Here’s an overview of some popular paints for different materials:

Wood Doors – If you have a wood door, look for oil-based or alkyd enamel paint. These provide good coverage and durability against the elements, while also offering excellent adhesion properties. Be sure to sand down any rough spots before applying the paint so that it goes on smoothly.

Fiberglass Doors – For fiberglass doors, use either latex acrylic or 100% acrylic latex paints. These offer great flexibility and won’t crack in extreme temperatures like other types of paint can do. Plus they come in many colors. Ensure you apply two or more layers for the best possible protection against wear and tear.

Metal Doors – Metal doors require special care when painting them due to their high heat conductivity levels; therefore use epoxy-based paints specifically designed for metal surfaces such as steel or aluminum doors . This type of paint is highly resistant to corrosion caused by salt water or moisture exposure as well as providing superior adhesion capabilities even after multiple cycles of expansion/contraction due to temperature changes outdoors throughout the year

When selecting the best paint for an exterior door, it is important to consider the type of finish and durability needed. The next heading will discuss finishes that can be used on exterior doors in order to achieve a desired look while providing protection from weathering.

Finishes for Exterior Door Paint

When painting an exterior door, the finish you choose can make a big difference in its look and longevity. There are several different finishes to choose from, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. Comprehending the diverse selections obtainable can assist you in selecting which one is most suitable for your undertaking.

High Gloss:

Glossy paint offers a sleek, polished look that reflects light well. It’s also highly durable and resists fading better than other types of finishes. However, it does require more maintenance since dirt and dust show up more easily on glossy surfaces.


Semi-gloss paint provides a slightly less shiny look than gloss but still has enough sheen to be attractive without being overly reflective or garish. It’s also easier to clean than glossy paint since it doesn’t pick up as much dirt or dust over time.


Satin paint is somewhere between matte and semi-gloss in terms of shine level; not too dull but not too bright either. It’s easy to clean while still providing some protection against fading due to UV exposure over time – making it a great choice for outdoor doors exposed to direct sunlight regularly.


Matte paints provide an elegant yet subtle finish with no shine at all – perfect for creating a classic look that won’t draw attention away from the design of your door itself. This type of finish is low maintenance since dirt isn’t visible on matte surfaces like they are on glossy ones; however, they do require regular cleaning as they don’t offer any protection against UV rays like other types do so keep this in mind if you plan on using them outdoors.

When picking a coating for your outdoor door paint, factors like the weather in which you reside and how much use it will get should be taken into account. For this reason, it is essential to understand what considerations should be taken into account when choosing an appropriate finish for your exterior door paint before moving on to discuss climate considerations.

Climate Considerations:

The choice of paint for exterior doors is influenced by temperature, moisture content and the amount of sunshine they receive.

The most important consideration when choosing paint for an exterior door is temperature. In colder climates where temperatures dip below zero, alkyd or oil-based paints are preferable to latex or acrylics as they stick better and last longer than water-soluble varieties which can split due to cold. Oil-based paints are known to be more resilient to fading and discoloration over time than water-soluble ones.

In warmer climates where temperatures regularly exceed 90°F (32°C), a high quality 100% acrylic latex paint should be used as it has excellent flexibility and breathability properties that help prevent blistering and peeling due to heat buildup behind the painted surface. Additionally, 100% acrylic latex paints offer superior UV protection against fading caused by direct sun exposure making them ideal for sunny locations such as Florida or Arizona.

For areas that experience frequent precipitation, like Seattle or Portland, an alkyd-based primer coupled with either an oil-based or 100% acrylic latex top coat should be chosen to provide maximum protection from moisture damage while affording flexibility during the extreme temperature fluctuations typical of humid locales such as coastal cities along the Gulf Coast region of Texas & Louisiana. Keywords: Precipitation, Alkyd-Based Primer, Oil-Based Paint, Acrylic Latex Top Coat, Moisture Damage Protection Flexibility Temperature Fluctuations Humid Climates Coastal Cities Gulf Coast Region Texas Louisiana

Climate considerations for exterior door paint are an important factor in ensuring the longevity of your door and its aesthetic appeal. With this in mind, let’s look at what the best exterior door paints for 2023 have to offer.

Best Paint for Exterior Doors in 2023

Exterior doors are one of the most important elements of a home’s exterior. They need to be both durable and attractive, so choosing the right paint is essential. Finding the right paint for your exterior door in 2023 can be a daunting task with so many choices. Here are seven of the best exterior door paints for 2023:

1. Backdrop Semi-Gloss:

Backdrop Semi-Gloss is a 30% sheen, semi-gloss exterior finish that is designed to provide durability and washability without a high shine. It is ideal for use on exterior doors and trim, as it is built to withstand harsh outside conditions such as weather, humidity, and direct sunlight.

The high-performing acrylic resin used in this paint offers premium coverage, intense pigment, and maximum coverage. With 1 gallon covering 400 square feet, it is a professional-grade product that is stain-resistant and easy to wash.

This paint is marketed as the “new way to paint” due to its low odor, self-priming formula, easy-to-open and close can (no tool required), clean pour design, and quick drying time. It takes only 60 minutes to dry to the touch and 3-4 hours to recoat.

Overall, this paint is a high-quality option for those looking to paint their exterior doors and trim. It provides excellent coverage, durability, and washability without the offensive shine often associated with semi-gloss finishes.

2. Modern Masters

Modern Masters – The Modern Masters Satin Front Door Paint is a premium quality, durable paint that can transform doors and other surfaces in just one day. This paint is formulated with never-fade technology, which ensures that the color remains rich and vibrant even after exposure to harsh elements over time.

This paint is suitable for both interior and exterior use on metal or wood surfaces such as doors and shutters. Its water-based formula provides long-lasting durability, and it dries to the touch in just one hour. One gallon of paint can cover up to 100 square feet of surface area.

The two-coat process makes it easy to complete projects quickly, and the satin finish is smooth and easy to maintain. The never-fade technology ensures that the surface will remain as beautiful as the first day it was painted.

Overall, this paint is an excellent option for those looking for a high-quality, durable paint that is easy to use and offers a smooth satin finish. Its water-based formula makes it easy to clean up, and the never-fade technology ensures that the surface will stay looking great for years to come.

3. Gianni Wood Look:

Gianni Wood Look – The Giani Wood Look Paint for exterior doors is an excellent option for those looking to upgrade their home’s curb appeal. .

The three-step application process is simple and can transform smooth, embossed, flat, or raised panel doors in just four hours. Each kit includes all necessary tools and covers 40 square feet of surface, which includes one side of the door and sidelights.

This product is crafted for use on painted steel and wood doors of any color, and there is no need to prime prior to applying the Giani Wood Look. The unique system contains a Wood Tone Base Coat that will cover most existing colors in a single application, and a specially formulated Wood Grain Finish Coat that completes the wood look transformation.

In addition to its ease of use, the Giani Wood Look for Front Doors is sure to revitalize an existing door and add beauty to a new one, transforming the entryway of your home. You can even pair this kit with the Giani Wood Look for Garage Doors to give your home an exterior makeover without costly replacements.

Overall, the Wood Look Paint for Front Doors is an excellent choice for those looking to upgrade the look of their front door quickly and easily. Its simple application process, compatibility with a range of door types, and ability to transform the entryway of your home make it a versatile and convenient option for any home.

4. Soto Premium Paint:

The Soto Premium Interior/Exterior All-in-One House paint is a versatile and convenient option for homeowners looking to update not only their doors and trim, but walls, cabinets, and furniture as well. This self-priming, multi-surface paint functions as both a primer and paint, requiring only two coats for a sleek modern appearance (no primer required). The no-shine, matte finish is perfect for creating a modern and stylish look in your home.

The paint is ultra-opaque and richly pigmented, providing exceptional coverage and even application. Made in small batches, by hand, this paint is durable, stain-resistant, and washable, making it suitable for both interior and exterior uses. The acrylic, water-based house paint is also low odor and ultra-low VOC for healthier indoor air quality.

This paint is ideal for painting and repairing small areas like doors, walls, trim, cabinets, and furniture. It is available in both Quart and Gallon sizes, with one quart covering approximately 100 square feet and one gallon covering approximately 400 square feet. Two coats are recommended for the most uniform finish, and coverage can vary based on the porosity of the surface, temperature, and application.

Overall, the Soto Premium Interior/Exterior All-in-One House and Furniture Paint is an excellent choice for homeowners looking for a high-quality paint that can be used on a variety of surfaces. Its self-priming formula, durable finish, and low odor and VOC content make it a convenient and healthy option for any home improvement project.

5. Prestige Paint & Primer:

Prestige Exterior Semi-Gloss Paint is a premium quality paint designed for use on exterior surfaces. It provides a durable and long-lasting finish that is resistant to weathering, fading, and peeling. The paint has a semi-gloss sheen that provides a shiny, reflective finish that is easy to clean and maintain.

The paint is formulated with 100% acrylic latex, which makes it easy to apply and provides excellent adhesion to a variety of surfaces including wood, metal, and masonry. It also dries quickly, allowing for recoating in as little as 4 hours.

Prestige Exterior Semi-Gloss Paint is available in a wide range of colors, and it can be tinted to match any color scheme. It has a low VOC content, which means it is environmentally friendly and safe for use in homes with children and pets.

Overall, Prestige Exterior Semi-Gloss Paint is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality, durable paint that provides a beautiful and long-lasting finish on exterior surfaces.

6. Rust-Oleum Door Paint:

Rust-Oleum Door Paint is a high-quality paint that provides lasting protection and beauty to exterior and interior doors made of metal, fiberglass, or wood. It is an oil-based formula that offers excellent rust prevention and a durable protective coating. The paint dries to the touch in just 1-2 hours and covers up to 105 square feet. Its satin finish provides a low-sheen look and excellent resistance to abrasion, fading, and chipping. This weather and corrosion-resistant coating adhere well to pre-primed doors and is available in a variety of colors.

7. Valspar Integrity Latex:

Valspar Integrity exterior latex paint is a high-quality paint suitable for exterior wood, metal siding, masonry, and trim surfaces. It has a low luster satin finish that resists dirt pick-up and is easy to keep clean. With 1-coat coverage, it can cover up to 400 square feet per gallon, depending on the surface condition. It dries to the touch in 1 hour and can be recoated after 4 hours. It is also mildew-resistant, making it ideal for humid environments. This paint comes in a 1-gallon size, and its color is white with a satin sheen. It is a latex-based paint and contains both paint and primer, which can save time and effort during the painting process. Clean-up is easy and can be done with soap and water.

FAQs in Relation to Best Paint for Exterior Doors

What is the overall best paint for exterior doors?

When it comes to painting an exterior door, the best paint to use is typically a high-quality acrylic latex or oil based paint. These paints offers superior adhesion and durability, as well as excellent color retention and UV resistance. When applied accurately, paint can provide a long-lasting defense against the elements while still preserving its original appearance.

What type of paint is best for exterior door trim?

100% acrylic latex paint provides superior adhesion and durability, is UV-resistant, and will give a long-lasting smooth finish for customizing your door trim. Acrylic latex paint with 100% acrylic offers a finish that can last longer than other kinds of paints, while still enabling you to personalize your doors with distinct hues and finishes. When painting your exterior door trim, be sure to use multiple coats for maximum protection and longevity.


In conclusion, painting your exterior doors can provide numerous benefits such as a longer life for the door and an updated look. When selecting the best paint for exterior doors, consider factors such as climate, material of the door (wood, fiberglass, steel or aluminum), type of paint used and finish desired. If you want more information on how to paint exterior doors, check out this article by The Family Handyman.

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